01 July 2015

Royal State Visit of the Day: July 1

King Felipe and Queen Letizia have ventured out on another state visit. You may remember that the President of Mexico was the last incoming state visit before King Juan Carlos abdicated, and now the new generation is continuing to trade visits.

They arrived in Mexico on Sunday, but the fancy formal welcome wasn't until Monday, so a casual yet flippy knit Hugo Boss dress did the trick for the Queen.
(Casual yet flippy is one of my favorite outfit categories.)

Casa de S.M. el Rey
For the official welcome with Mexico's president and first lady, Enrique Peña Nieto and Angélica Rivera, Letizia upped her formality. And for that she chose - you'll never guess - Felipe Varela.
She also wore the Varela suit she wore earlier this month for their first outgoing state visit to France, so I guess this is the official state visitin' suit.

And unfortunately, as it was in France, so it is in Mexico: nothing but suits and cocktail dresses for the big dinner.
And as it was in France, so it is in Mexico: Letizia did her best to be fancy anyway, in knee-length shades of red and coral guipere lace embellished with crystals and dangly diamond earrings. (See here for video.) She's a welcome dose of glamour, especially in front of that backdrop, which turned an impressive space into a press conference with fancy glasses from the prime camera angles.

The next day brought a Nina Ricci outfit which is also from the French state visit. I'm starting to think she just didn't unpack. (Royals: they really are just like us!)

And to close us out, a little print that I hope we'll see paired with some different stuff when repeat time rolls around.

The visit ends today.

30 June 2015

Royal Flashback of the Day: June 30

It's wedding anniversary time! July 1st marks twenty years of marriage for Crown Prince Pavlos of Greece and Princess Marie-Chantal. We've talked about their wedding in the past, most recently last November, with a revisit of her ornate dress and wedding video - always a good rewatch, thanks to its plethora of royal guests. So today we're flashing back to the young couple at another wedding, that of Pavlos' cousin, Prince Joachim of Denmark, and Alexandra Manley in November 1995.
What we have here is basically a template for optimum royal glamour, I'd say. Tiara (the Antique Corsage Tiara, borrowed from Queen Anne-Marie): check. Evening coat: check. Pearls, big ones: check. Gloves: check. Prince in uniform (from the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, where he served): check.
It's not a template we see these two replicate today, but the elegance hasn't gone anywhere. (Neither has the luxury - check the wrap below, at Joachim and Alexandra's pre-wedding dinner!)
Sidebar: I think she might be the best wearer of the Antique Corsage Tiara. We don't see her in it today - she's usually in the diamond fringe tiara, with a few exceptions - but these pictures are making me wish she'd take it for a spin again. You know, for old times' sake.

Photos: via Getty Images as indicated

29 June 2015

Royal State Visit of the Day: June 29

The Belgians just finished a long state visit to China. Make that a loooong state visit to China, about eight days long. So many events and so many outfits, and so we'll just do a few highlights, in no particular order:

This dress was worn to the state banquet, so obviously no tiaras in sight. Instead, an abstract print in a silhouette that I quite like for her, by Haus Coudeyre (per ModeKoninginMathilde, which has the most comprehensive fashion coverage of this whole trip).

I think she likes it for her too, since she also brought this Natan printed number along with a similar slightly full skirt. (Not pictured: Philippe. He wore a suit.)

Another print, another silhouette she loves. And a seashell on her head.

It does feel like she made an effort to diversify her designer base for this trip. Mostly still Natan, but several other names were thrown into the mix. This tin man number is from Ann Demeulemeester, for example.

Also, I lied. There is an order to these, and the order is that I saved the best for last.
Again proving the power of some designer variation, this is by Bernard Depoorter, and it is twirly. I LOVE.

Photos: via Getty Images and Twitter as indicated

28 June 2015

Sunday Tidbits for June 28: Sparkly Follow Ups and More

Last week was one for the sparkle record books, and today's tidbits begin by wrapping up a couple of those glittering occasions:

--I wrapped up the British state visit to Germany over at the Vault with some favorite moments. [Jewel Vault]

--Sometimes we don't even get pictures out the National Day gala in Luxembourg, and sometimes you just have to wait for the real treats. They posed for a family photo, and Luxarazzi also zeroed in on the tiaras in the reception line. Princess Claire is indeed wearing a new parure of red stones and diamonds, and I'm guessing the small bandeau tiara is a bracelet on a frame. Whether it belongs to her or came from the family stash, we don't know, but HUZZAH for new stuff! [Luxarazzi]
Photo: Grand Ducal Court/Christian Aschman

--Days of celebration for the coronation of Tonga's King Tupou VI have begun. [ABC]

--Infanta Elena got all fancied up to celebrate the 450th anniversary of the Spanish Riding School in Austria. (This is an Oscar de la Renta dress, and a look repeated from 2010.) [Style.com, Hola]

--Here's a piece on the new film Fabergé: A Life of Its Own, which is in limited theaters beginning tomorrow (June 29). The trailer is below. [Maclean's]

--The Japanese imperial family gathered for a concert celebrating Empress Michiko's 80th birthday, which was in October. [Imperial Family of Japan Blog]

--And finally, a little bit of cute: The Duke and Duchess of Rothesay, as Chaz and Cams are known when in Scotland, went on a four day visit to, well, Scotland. They brought Cams' two rescue dogs to the Dumfries Dog Show, and you know how events pairing royals and dogs always end up. (Delightful, in other words.) [People, Scotsman Picture Desk]

Next up: Traveling to China with Queen Mathilde and her plus one, a Spanish state visit, and more...

26 June 2015

Royal Outfit Grab Bag of the Day: June 26

In which we explore some totally unrelated Things About Which I Have Thoughts for the week:

Queen Máxima attended a conference, June 22
See, when you overdo it with the accent color, you lose the delight of an accent color in the first place.

Princess Marie-Chantal of Greece (with the Marquess of Douro) at the Ralph Lauren & Vogue Wimbledon Party, June 22
M-C's got it down. The unexpected pink of the purse is the whole point.

Princess Beatrix at a sailing event, June 20
Visor Alert: Queen Princess Beatrix helms her own ship (De Groene Draeck, the Green Dragon) and her bouffant bends for no occasion. 

Queen Rania hosted women for iftar at Raghadan Palace, June 21
Oh, this Roksanda Ilincic frock is such a perfect dress-to-wearer match. I appreciate an Ilincic done simply even more after that recent Ascot episode.

Crown Princess Mary (with her plus one, Fred) attended the Reumert Awards honoring the Danish performing arts, June 21. Click here for a gallery.
I saw some clips of this show. I got the impression it wouldn't have made much more sense even if I did speak Danish, which I don't. But that makes it a great occasion for this outfit, which is a long dress with a long kimono on top (from Rabens Saloner).
It's the perfect outfit for swanning about one's lanai all day, before heading out for an evening of baffling theater. I'd take the whole ensemble home, no problem. And I'm not just saying that because I need those Portuguese gold filigree earrings in my life rightthissecond.

Photos: via Getty Images, Queen Rania Instagram, Liberty, DR screencap, Rabens Saloner, Alma e Coração